Memphis Music Launch


Memphis Music Launch is almost here, and if you’re still not sure whether you’re going to put your name (and your idea) in the mix for Launch Weekend, you’ll want to clear some time out on Saturday afternoon to join us at EmergeMemphis.

This Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. is MML Pitch Night. It’s a time to try out a pitch that you’d like to work on during the Launch Weekend, but it’s also a time to get your questions answered and learn more about MML, the process and the huge prizes at stake for the winner. Join us for a beer, some information and to hear some of the ideas you may be up against when Launch Weekend arrives. You’ll be able to register for the Launch right then and there, and you can take advantage of a special extended early bird discount if you do.

In the meantime, if you want to read up on MML you can check out a great FAQ here, and of course read the full synopsis of the entire Launch by clicking here. You can also give us a shout with specific questions by e-mailing Cameron or John, or stop by the MRC at 431 S. Main Street.


Fresh out of the oven – Free Music from Great American Taxi 03-17-2011 at Hodi’s Hafe Note in Ft. Collins, CO.

Artist Great American Taxi
Show St. Patrick’s Day – Hodi’s Hafe Note in FT. Collins, CO.
Torrent G.A.T 03-12-2011 Hodi’s Hafe Note FT. Collins.torrent (click to download)
db link |
Description 03-17-2011
Great America Taxi w/ Tim Carbone
Hodi’s Hafe Note
FT. Collins, CO


Set I
01.) Flying Cloud Catillion
02.) Red Mountain Wine
03.) Penny Arcade
04.) Wanderin’->
05.) ?
06.) Brown Eyed Women
07.) Wild Bill Jones
08.) Unpromised Land ->
09.) Whiskey Before Breakfast ->
10.) Unpromised Land

Set II
01.) Liza Jane
02.) The Shape I’m In
03.) Straw Man ->
04.) Half Note Jam ->
05.) Straw Man
06.) ?
07.) Irish Washerwoman
08.) One Of These Days
09.) Fuzzy Little Hippy Girl
10.) Reckless Habits
11.) Lazy John
12.) Get No Better
13.) Homegrown
14.) ?