Topspin tips: Maximizing Direct-to-Fan


Topspin tips: Maximizing Direct-to-Fan

In Jason Spitz’ SXSW recap of a Direct-To-Fan panel, the topic of DTF “was explored in depth by Brendan, Benji, and fellow panelists Nicole St. Jean of Topspin, Emily White of Brendan Benson’s management/Readymade Records, and independent artist & YouTube sensation Julia Nunes. Brendan led the group in discussing four specific elements of the Direct-To-Fan (D2F) model. First, he posed the question “What kind of packages work best when selling D2F, and how should I price them?” The panelists recommended unique, memorable offers that enhanced the art or resonated with the audience. Nicole cited Arcade Fire’s animated digital accompaniment to their album The Suburbs and Trent Reznor’s razor-blade USB necklace. Benji urged artists to personalize their offers and ask themselves “what would a true fan love to get, and how can I create it for them?” Emily recommended tiered pricing to reach all levels of fans, from those who can only spend $10 to those willing to spend $100.”

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Memphian Alex Botwin makes waves as Paper Diamond


<snip> “Botwin will be talking about his experiences as a musician and business owner as part of a “Backstage Pass” event before his Memphis show at Newby’s, sponsored by the Memphis Music Foundation.

“I’ll do anything I can for Cameron [Mann, director of the foundation’s Music Resource Center]. He’s a great person in the Memphis music scene and with what he’s doing at the Music Foundation,” Botwin says.

“When it comes to creating a career in the music business, that’s something I’m confident in, and not just for myself but for other artists I’ve been helping.”

The “Backstage Pass” event will take place at 7 p.m. at Newby’s. Admission to the talk is $5 or free for Music Foundation members.

“I look forward to coming to Memphis,” Botwin says of this homecoming of sorts.

“We’re definitely bringing a top-notch show and it’s going to be great to come back. Some of my favorite food in the world is in Memphis.”